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Welcome Planeteers! Please hold tight for your mission briefing:

You are about to be hot-dropped onto a vibrant alien planet; beware, danger lurks at every twist and turn!

Using nothing but the survival gadgets provided, you must race your fellow Planeteers to the Idol, aquiring as much loot as you can along the way. Along your path you will encounter Discoveries, sites of special importance that will have a drastic effect on your journey, for better or for worse.

Good luck Planeteers; adventure awaits!

Where is the Planeteers project at?

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty nailed down. We have a digital prototype and are always looking for playtesters! If this might be something you are interested in, please do reach out to us on our Facebook group (you can find the link at the bottom of this web page).

Art: Our talented artist Elvi has started work! We are happy to share all our artwork as it’s created (in the Facebook group and in our monthly update newsletter).

Kickstarter: At this stage, the Kickstarter is but a twinkle in our eye; likely more than 6 months away. We are actively building a community of friendly and likeminded people to share the journey with. So, with that said, we do hope you join us by popping in your email!

The Designer.

Tom is a professional video game designer. Having worked on some very well known video games and brands during the course of his 10 year career, Tom is now translating his skillset to the realm of board games!

The Artist.

Elvi is a talented artist that has also worked with really big brands! She has always wanted to add a board game to her portfolio, and now her dream is coming true! (Click on her image to see her vibrant portfolio!)

The Brains.

Elly is a ACCA qualified accountant and will be helping out with the business side of running a Kickstarter campaign. The budget is in good hands!

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Adventure awaits…

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